In this blog I will cover how to access file or object storage from an MLrun job. The entire process was done using the Iguazio and Pure Storage MLOps platform as per this post.

As per the documentation MLRun is an open-source MLOps framework that offers an integrative approach to…

A quick step by step on getting Kubeflow up and running with GPU support. In this example I used a single node Kubernetes controller + worker. I will be using docker runtime (nvidia supporr) and kubernetes 1.19.8 with the calico network CNI and the NFS client for storage claims. …

In this blog I’ll cover how to use FlashBlade S3 replication with Portworx Backup to recover from a site failure.

Portworx Backup can use Pure Storage FlashBlade as a repository for backup images, providing the fastest time to recovery possible. Leveraging FlashBlade replication functionalities we can configure the recovery of…


Infrastructure engineering for modern data applications

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